Welcome to Mariposa Footprints...

We all leave footprints.

In brief, the reason for developing this site came about because of a little white house in Bear Valley, a small community on Highway 49 North, about 10 miles north of the town of Mariposa, the County seat. In searching the public records I found much information about the Margrave family in Mariposa County. The oral history does not always agree with the public records. We all leave footprints in our community. Mariposa Footprints is the story of the trail left behind by the Margrave family in Mariposa County. Fred Margrave, born in Mormon Bar, married Mary Estella Ashworth for ever joining the Margrave name with the Ashworth, Preston, Wass, Tribucco, Westfall, Scott and many other Mariposa families.

The web site remains an open project.  At this point it covers the Margrave Family of Mariposa County, California. from 1850 to 1918. Hopeful information will be added regularly.

This site is dedicated to my granddaughter Kylie .

With the hope that she will grow to understand the importance of family ties.

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